Tomica Suzuki Swift Sport

I always have a certain liking with cars that has sport decals. When I saw a Tomica Suzuki Swift Sport series has it design, I know I got to have this.

This Suzuki Swift is Tomica number 16 in the series and it is in 1/60 scale

Out of the box you can see the detail of the feature having silver chrome paint as headlights.

On the left side, you get to see the Group N design across the body.

The same design on the right but they inverted the wording which is a logical apporach.

Although both side doors cannot open, the back booth door can! It expose some booth area of the back.

On the flip side of the Swift, you get to see the Maker and which country it was made from. In this case, it was Vietnam.

I truly fancy this White Suzuki Swift that mix so well with the blueish decals.  I love the front look the best.

I remember there was a Bumblebee that uses a Suzuki Swift design and it is really suitable in my opinion.

If you are into sport car, this Suzuki Swift is one vehicle you should get in your collection.


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