Tomica Disney Lenny the Cab

If there is any cartoon car from the West in the early days of Tomica, it would be this Lenny the Cab. For those who have seen Disney "Who Frame Roger Rabbit", you may remember this character.

I was confuse when I saw this Cab as I remember the "Who Frame Roger Rabbit" has Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in it. Why was it in Disneyland. Later I realized that the movie was made by Disney using Warner Brothers characters. Still sound strange to me.

Anyway this Tomica is under Disney Vehicle collection and it is in 1/40 scale.

This is a very cartoonish car as you can see the wheels was animated on the mold while there are actual Tomica wheels behind the painted die metal cast.

At the back of the vehicle you get to see the name Lenny as the car plate. The character in the Disney ride.

On the left is a more plain looking with no door.

If you look at it from top view, you get to see the wheel and the wide cab seat.

I never did have a chance to sit on this ride in Disneyland before although I remember watching "Who frame Roger Rabbit" movie in the late 1980s.

This Tomica certainly have a lot of character and truly one of the kind.

Please don't frame me. LOL


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