Superman Never say Yes to a Cigarette

Comic super hero has always be influential as most child look at them as role model. If it is put into good use, it may achieve marvellous result. One of those cases happen to me and it is about Superman.

Back in the early 80s, Singapore Ministry of Health under Training and Health Education Department decided to roll out a project using Superman to promote saying No to Cigarette. I read the campaign on a local newspaper and I decided to fill in the form on the newspaper and sent it to them.

Within a week, my parents was shocked to receive a big envelope with my name on it in my mailbox from the Singapore Ministry of Health since I was in my lower primary school. I was equally surprise as I never expect after joining the campaign there will be a reply with something given to me.

I opened up the big envelope and in it was a big Superman comic book! Yes it was my first Superman comic as my pocket money daily would never amount to afford an english comic book.

Here is the comic book that I received and it was the story of Superman against a villain called Nick O' Teen. 

So here is Nick O' Teen, a villain that it was not in DC comic but created just for this campaign. 

Here come Superman!!

Here where the action begin!!

Apparently this campaign was around the world and here is a advertisement of this campaign in UK.

That is not all, I was given a badge and a certificate with my name on it and with Superman Signature!!

As innocent as a child back then, I believe Superman did write my name and signed on that cert. Because of that in a young age, I know smoking is harmful and bad. Ever since then when I was face with peer pressure and offer a cigarette in my growing up years, I remember this campaign and did not pick up the offer for a smoke.

I guess this campaign works for me.

Never say Yes to a Cigarette for Life Dudes. :)


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