Star Trek KRE-O USS Enterprise

Get ready to go somewhere that no man go before...Well here is a review of Hasbro KRE-O USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

Thanks to Yeetat who allow me to review this giant kit. This KRE-O Startrek USS Enterprise when fully built has the length around 1 meter.

This kit done a good job in capturing the look of the Enterprise from the latest Startrek movie.

The weight of the whole complete kit is not too heavy and it is quite steady in general.

At the both tail of the ship mark the NCC-1701

The kit allow opening function to expose the warp engines on both side.

The bottom of the ship is an engineering hull there are a missile for playing. 

You just need to load the projectile and press the button at the side and it will spring off the projectile. 

Underneath the Engineering hull for this kit is a real AAA batteries compartment and by pressing the button, it will turn the 3 LEDs up. You can switch to 3 different LEDs blinking mode by pressing the button.

Here are all the 3 LED lighting up. pretty cool if you asked me. The flip side is the lighting period was rather short. Maybe it is to conserve the batteries consumption. 
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Within the Primary hull is where the characters should be. Unfortunelately the figure do not fit in with the cover close so I improvise for these two shots. You can see captain kirk. 

and Spock! Nice?

If you remove the cover of the primary hull, you will see the cock pit of the Enterprise with Captain in yellow sitting in the middle with his men around various station.

You get to see some control board...

While at the front a wide screen of space appear with some control panels.

Time to get these men out of their ship to explore. The figurines comes with their phaser weapons.

The 2 main lead, Captain Kirk and Spock. One about logic and order while the other breaking all the rules whenever possible.

I am one of those who love the remake recently of Star Trek. It was a good make over with good visual and storyline. A good thing was Spock remain of how he was in the old series.

There are many who like to compare Star Trek with Star Wars but there are so different in storyline. I do not see a point comparing or take side as both are serving different audience group.

To be honest, Star Trek are more down to earth without special power or any sort nor a thing call destiny. Star Trek characters do not have special power. All they depend was some technology gadget and some wits to turn something around. 

Overall this kit bring justice to the franchise and it look good on the complete model in KRE-O form. It would be a good to have if you are a Star Trek fan. It do need good space to display this finished kit which I do not have that luxury to display. 

If there is one thing I remember about Star Trek, it would be "The need of many out weight the need of a few." True?


deSMOnd said…
Leon..this is a good vehicle..very nice overall..

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