Playmobil Viking

When you think of Vikings, you will sure remember the horn on their helmet with this round wooden shield. So there is nothing less I expect from the Viking from Playmobil figure in the series 5.

As a Vikings, he is dress with much fur and wearing what appear to be scale armor.

The fur would be more on his neck and shoulder.

His boots will be a thick coat of fur too.

While his arm would have some metal brace to cushion any metal blow with melee fighting done to him.

The accessorizes for this Viking include Horn helmet, sword and a wooden shield with some metal parts.

Viking only believe in head protection but not much on the face. Thus the helmet only cover the top head.

Vikings have colorful design on each of their shield and often enough you can see some sea creature as their design. Such shield would be a added decoration on their ship.

Playmobil seems to hit right on for Viking for this figure. There isn't much I expect more.

If you are a Vikings lover, this is one figure you must have in your collection.

Are you a Viking lover?


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