My Star Wars Figures turned Yellow

As a toy collector, I bought some toys and due to space constraint, I have to put some toys into storage. As you know out of sight, out of mind...and just one fine day I decided to check on some storage toys and here what happened for a decade old Star Wars figures.

This is Snow Troopers and I still have not open it because of space issue and it is disheartening to find some part of the figure turning yellow.  

Here is the comparison.This figure was keep away from Sunlight and it is seal in card. Obviously keeping in card does not help on the condition it turn yellow for some formerly white plastic parts.

The fate is the same should it be open. Most of my Star Wars white figures are turning yellow. It is a international issue for toys.

Here's one of my AT-AT Driver.

You can see some of the transpartent rubber band is "dissolving" and affecting some parts. I will certainly have to open these toys soon.

That being said, I am not blaming the toy maker for this as they never promised toys will not turned yellow or last forever. To think of that is too much to demand depending on the price tag you paid for your toys collection. These toys were made for playing actually and are for kids.
 I am still alright as the value I paid for these toys are still reasonable. I cannot imagine if I would spend over hundreds on a single toy and these thing happen over time.

This does not affect me a bit as I am not reselling these toys but I pity those who used to buy loads to "invest". 

As I said before, when the toy is new, have fun and keep some memories as toys do not last forever and either do us. We have a limited time span. Enjoy your toys when you are young.

May the Force be with you... Always.

Do you have toys that turned yellow over time?


Unknown said…
Bro, I think generally all white items turns yellow. my shirt, shoes, poster, books and even my teeth which I brushed them everyday, turns yellow.. haha.

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