Dragonball Capsule Majin Buu Coming

Coming in June 2014, Bandai Dragonball Capsule series will be releasing some of the classic scenes of Majin Buu.

Starting with Super Saiyan 3, Son Goku.

Mr. Satan scrubbing the back of the Fat Majin Buu. Lovely scene.

Vegeta and Goku in the belly of Majin Buu and later release the Fat Majin Buu

Piccolo and Goku trying to fusion...

Super Saiyan Gotenks and Majin Vegeta

Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta fusion) fighting Evil Buu

Each of the 7 figures in the capsule above will come with various bonus parts to form this set of Pui Pui, Dabura and Babidi

Each of the capsule will be going at 750 YEN. Good to see some classic Dragonball new display toys.


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