Dragon Ball Ultimate DX Super Senshi Scouters Coming

Hey Dragonball fans! I know many are crazy to have a Scouter although true expert will measure by Ki sensing. But what the heck, we are not that skill yet.

The good news is for those who have missed the previous version release of the Scouter, Bandai is schedule to release another round but this time a DX version with light and sound!!

I had the previous version which is a Candy toy which is more for the children and you can read about the detail review here.

There will be two version which offer a choice of  Green and Red. This time they made the headset to be fitted for both adults and children. Here are some of the parts you get to see where it will powered by LR44 Battery x 3.

By pressing at the button, the glass will glow and there will be 35 sounds from the scene in Dragon Ball series.

Here is a confirmation of how the scouter will look on an adult.

The price is around 3,240 yen and will be out in April!


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