Bootleg LEGO Iron Patriot

Ironman has been hot since the third movie and due to it popularity, it wasn't surprising to see non-original LEGO look alike figure out in the market as the original LEGO figure was usually come with the playset, However the bootleg version selling the figure individually which meet the market demand. So here is Iron Patriot.

From the cover, you will notice it is in Chinese as this is origin from China or for China market.
At the back of the packaging it shows multiple Ironman with various suits.On close up on the list of Ironman of various suit. There is disclaimer on the packaging that state the actual product may deffer from the photo. I am not surprise as this is not the original LEGO.

What should be Iron Patriot would look like the following... So far it look accurate since in the movie it was a black actor.

Time to open the toy to see how the actual toy look like and what is in it.

Here are all the parts look like. Not only you have the figure, you get some accessories which most have nothing relate much in the actual character in the movie.

There are some playing cards that come with the figure. It has colorful print but I couldn't figure out how to actually play it. Maybe this is just for collection sakes.

Here is the close up on the Iron Patriot. The figure isn't that bad but if you are familiar with LEGO, you can see and feel the different in the plastic material used.

Here's how the back of the Iron Patriot look like. The cutting of the figure is pretty rough.

The figure allow mask off and instead of a black figure, the figure is White. The face remind me of Loki.

There are some add on parts that make the figure like taking flight such as the orange parts that can put on the legs as if it can fly.

There are also parts that does not fit in such as the following.

I think we cannot expect much for a bootleg. Nonetheless this are alternative kids can find cheaper sources to get fun with the toys. Most of the time, these are personal choices.

How do you find this bootleg? Will you buy it? If yes why?


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