Transformers IDW Waspinator

There are a certain degree of me fancying bugs...only certain degree if he is a humanoid like Kamen Rider or a Transformers. So when I heard Waspinator has a new version, I was excited. Thanks to a dear friend who picked up this for me.

This waspinator resemble more like the beast war version and with the deluxe class toy, it include a comic book with it's exclusive cover of Waspinator.

Waspinator has it's own logo and note that it was trademarked by Hasbro.

The back of the card has a short write up on Waspinator in the comic

It is rather interesting to get a comic book with the toy and some more it's having a Waspinator cover. I was assuming it was a back story of Waspinator.

I was disappointed that the whole comic book was not really about Waspinator. In fact the number of panel for Waspinator to appear is lesser than Optimus prime....

Well there is nothing much of the comic I like to talk about and on with the toy review!

Waspinator look good in general as having a big chest and striking colors. The only thing I do not like about the Robot mode was the legs of the insect mode that is still sticking out at plain sight.

At the back it is all about the Striking color butt and the translucent wings. Although you see there a pair of 2 but the 2 wings on each side are stuck together.

The only logo can be found on his back which look like a Shell and he is green! Wait that is TMNT tunes...

The face of Waspinator is good with the insect looking eyes. In some ways the eyes look like it can reflect or give out some light but it can't.

As for weapon, Waspinator has it trustful string gun....

The weapon can turn to a string at the back of it disguise mode...

One of the action grimmick was the back button can simulate flipping of wings.....

Time to transformed!

The process is not that simple but given enough tries, you will get better! There is instruction sheets with diagram. Meanwhile here is his bug mode from the front.

You can see his robot hands and legs are all tugged in for disguise

At the back view you get to see his sting and his wings as a Wasp.

I have a Waspinator from Transformers Animated and it's time for them to meet one another. Just look at how they greet each other. LOL

I cannot really do a fair comparison as one is more digital looking than the other. If you are into organic stuff then the latest Waspinator should be for you.

I enjoy the bug mode more than the robot version. In some way this waspinator remind me of Flies than Wasp. Maybe that was just me. I'm going to keep him more in the bug version.

What i enjoy more was this.

Simulating a dead bug and snap a photo of it. :)

Do you fancy this version of Waspinator?


Unknown said…
Since I love Waspinator and really need to add this figure to mine collection. The logo/symbol is actually the Predacons symbol from Beast Wars,but yes for some reason it has always been designed after Waspinator's face. I agree with you about the comic,but this line of figures were designed to help promote IDW's new line of comics. I have been collecting them since issue one, but if you don't know the full story you may get a bit lost.Also since I do have all the issues I know when I get this figure, I will just be getting a reprint with just a new cover,a bit of a disappointment if you ask me.
bluedrakon said…
I always felt bad for him as he always got the bad end of the stick. Him speaking in that 'bee buzz' voice was funny too.

I like this version better as it is more to the character and the added book is a nice addition.

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