Tomica Rilakkuma and Korilakuma

Last year Tomica roll out a Rilakkuma car and it was cute. Now Rilakkuma lovers can have a complete collection as Korilakuma for Tomica just released!!

Now it is time for me to review these cute cars which is very popular with the ladies...and some guys as well. LOL

Both of the box having wording of Rilakkuma kyou mo ashita mo dara dara goren

Every official product boxes comes with a 3D looking stickers which look this having San-X with a serial number.

Time to Open the Toy!!!

Behold Rilakkuma and Korilakuma!! 

Both are 3 wheelers and it is safe to assume both are from the same mold while the other was repainted. You know for Rilakkuma fans, that does not matter.

As a vehicle, the back of the window each having the outline of Rilakkuma head.

Korilakuma having all 3 pink wheels with white based. A good color matching.

While Rilakkuma having a black based with his good looking brown colors.

If you look from the side of the window, you would see the dash board of the vehicle. You may also notice the fish bone painted on the top of it's cover.

True to Tomica, the car roll smoothly as a toy and the color theme and painting is very even and well  controlled painted

By the way, Korilakuma has been just released Now this Rilakkuma vehicles is complete!

Isn't Rilakkuma cute??


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