Tiny Starwars Stickers

There's come a age where collecting stickers are fun especially when you see some good looking or cute design. The issue is always finding a special place to stick it or you just want to keep it as it is somewhere.

I never thought I will buy and collect some stickers until I saw these special Starwars stickers which are really cheap in Japan. It was selling for just 100 Yen and they are official product.

The drawing was unique and although it was SD type, it remain westernize drawing which suited well for these Starwars.

There are 40 design and I thought initially these are those random getting a certain design blind pack where the makers want the customer to buy the whole box in order to form a set but it was not. One single pack will be having the 40 designs. How cool is that?!

I opened it up and display and check if it is really all 40 designs and they are all there. Cool!

Each of these stickers are tiny. Average height of each is around 2 to 3 cm. I am however impressed by the quality of print and cutting around each of the stickers which each has unique shape.

You have some logo of Empire and Rebels which is real cool. The others are characters of Starwars drawn in very manner.

There are also some vehicles of Starwars such as Millennium falcon, interceptor, X-wing and etc.

Some of the characters stickers if you place them in certain manner can make into fun scene such as this which caught in the cross fire. LOL

Or Princess Leia in disguise playing ball with AT-AT.

These are fun stickers but they are really tiny but for the price of 100 Yen and it's quality, I cannot complain much.

If you are wondering about if I will stick it on somewhere, I have gone far of that age to stick stickers. So I will just keep it and from time to time look at it... That is if my son don't discover it and start sticking on some things when I was not around. LOL

How do you fun such stickers? Do you still collecting some stickers with you?


Jcee said…
Omg haha that Yoda looks so funny!
Unknown said…
I still buy stickers, I have a book that I have had for sometime that has stickers from 1985-today. The Sailor Moon and Evangelion stickers are among my favs and of course I have a lot of Pokemon and Transformers. My sister has a rare sticker from Star Wars because she was a member of the fan club back in 1994.

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