The LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles - [Rescue Truck]

Our guest Yee Tat will be continuing to review the new LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles which is the Rescue Truck!

Today I will review the Rescue Truck toy built from LEGO bricks following the instructions of this book.

The LEGO Build-It Book : Amazing Vehicles book is authored by Nathanaël Kuipers and all building instructions in the book were drawn by Mattia Zamboni.

The book features 10 alternate building toys designed by Kuipers, complete with building instructions, which you can follow and build. The book provides a list of LEGO bricks you to go gather separately or you can get all bricks from your old LEGO Creator 5867 building toy set if you own one.

The Rescue Truck toy featured on the book cover looked so exciting and awesome. So I had to get this book and build this toy myself.

I think this Rescue Truck looks almost like a Fire Brigade Truck equipped with a cherry picker arm and bucket.

You can recognize the long wheelbase, massive front grille and hazard lights built on the toy.

The cherry picker arm is rotatable and can unfold to lift the bucket to reach tall places.

Unfortunately, the hinge piece which holds the arm section with the empty bucket can slip from time to time. It does not always 'lock' the arm section at the specific height I wanted. This also means if I put a minifigure in the bucket it becomes too heavy to lift.

I was disappointed to find that the doors of this Rescue Truck toy cannot be opened. I also had to be careful when I build and play this toy. Due to the alternate building instructions, some parts are not designed as tightly secured and can fall apart easily.

Although the Rescue Truck toy build is not as fully playable nor is of the same build standard like one built from usual LEGO building toy instructions, this Rescue Truck looks very good by itself.

If you have a LEGO Creator 5867 set lying at home, or you own the bricks listed in the book, you must get The LEGO Build-It Book : Amazing Vehicles book for many more hours of brick building toy fun.

Thank you Yee Tat for sharing with us his LEGO collection again!


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