TakaraTomy ANIA Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros which most call it as Rhino more often or not. Rhino often give an impression of Power and endurance. Power by it sheer size while endurance due to it's thick armor looking layer of skin.Rhino would made it in my list of animal toy for that reason.

Although it has such power, not much incident of Rhino hurting anyone as it is a herbivore but easily weight a ton. It's only weapon of defense would be his weight plus this intimidating front horn.

For the toy, it can mimic Rhino attacking which allow articulating just a little bit on it's neck for up and down.

I have two Rhinoceros for this review to make it interesting. I would guess these are the White Rhino for the breed.

At the lower belly was the mark of TOMY and it was made in China.

The back of the tail give an impression as it is swapping the flies away from the butt. Maybe not so much flies as the dung beetles would likely to clear the poops away.

As massive as these Rhinoceros, they should not have much predators but the humans. Sad thing was they were not hunt for food but just for their horn. There are cases where some horn was just removed leaving them to survive without a horn...

I cannot imagine how life for Rhino without their horn and I couldn't believe that they are to the edge of extinction all because of their horns.

Sorry that I always goes sentimental when I review animals in particular.
I just hope these Rhino toys will not be the only images of memory in the next few generations. Because if it does, it is really a sad day for human race...


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