Takara Tomy 7777 Zoo Playset

I remember in my childhood I had some animals toys that comes in a pack. At those time of playing, I wish I can have more material to form a Zoo to play with. It seems I was not the only one who have that dream. I guess that is a popular request to have and TakaraTomy did some Zoo playset and this is one of it.

Now this is what I call a Zoo playset with animals, setting, floor drawings and props.

Look at the various features of this playset!

This playset comes with some exclusive animal like the Penguins which is not avoidable to be purchase separately.

Out of box, this folder looking thing is the play map.

Once you open it, you can see the various location details of art work which served a good guide for children's imagination.

You are able to see the road which can use a Tomica cars for playing.
Welcome to 7777 Park!

All you need to do then is to recognize the location and put the props there. Take this ice location for an example.

Then placed the prop like this ice slide for Penguins. Here we go! 

The playset comes with a tree and  a ladder for this chimpanzee. However the Chimpanzee not included in this playset.

With all this features of this playset, all I have to say the younger generation have it good to have these ready playset which basically think through for them.

How do you find this playset?


Jcee said…
Whaat articulated penguin figure!? lol this set is cute!

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