LEGO Creator 31014 Power Digger Review

Today we have Yee Tat to review the new LEGO Creator 31014 Power Digger building toy set.

This set comes with 64 LEGO pieces. You can build each of the three suggested construction vehicles toys, one at a time, from the same set of bricks.

Let's "open the toy", build and review this building toy set.

Power Digger
This is the Power Digger. Like an excavator, it has a rotatable cab unit and hinge sections at the crane arm to flexibly operate the scoop to dig up earth from the ground.

This toy features the wheeled version of the construction vehicle instead of an excavator with tracks we are familiar with.

Front Loader
This is the Front Loader. It has a front bucket to move and pile up earth on the ground, like a bulldozer would.

Unfortunately, the bucket of the Front Loader is shallow with the cheese wedge piece and not good to carry stuff.

Like the Power Digger, this toy has wheels, different from the bulldozer with tracks we know.

Dump Truck
This is the Dump Truck. It has a wide bed to carry stuff and you can lift the bed to dump out the stuff it carried.

Among the three toys, this toy probably has the most accurate articulated function like a real dump truck.

LEGO Creator Power Digger set
This LEGO Creator Power Digger building toy set features micro versions of three construction vehicles you can build from the same set of bricks. The following pictures compare the size of each toy against an actual LEGO minifigure.

Even though the toy is small, each one of them looks good and the wheels do roll smoothly. Each toy also has its respective articulated functions so you only need apply a little imagination to see it work like it is supposed to.

Is one set of the LEGO Creator Power Digger toy enough? Of course not. The Recommended Retail Price for each set is only SGD$9.90, you should buy two or three sets to assemble your personal Power Construction Crew.


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