Jada Robocop Movie Toys in Singapore

Robocop fans in Singapore, you maybe happy to know that the coming Robocop toys have arrived in Singapore retails.

There are different scales for Robocop starting with 4" such as the Robocop version 1 which pay tribute of the old Robocop.

Also the new Robocop version 3.0 which in all black.

There is Police Cruiser with Robocop version 3 on it with his human hand doing the targeting.

There are also the 6" Robocop of both version as the scale is bigger, you can see more detail and there is a button on his chest that will light up the eyes of Robocop a upon pressing.

There's a big scale remote control bike of Robocop that kids can play with.

There is a 12 inches version Robocop version 3 that can speak some movie lines. As big as he is, the face detail was not that great.

If kids like to cosplay as Robocop, there is a Robocop version 3 mask as a helmet.

There is also a Chest Plate of Robocop version 3 for kids to goes with the helmet.

A closed up on the OCP logo... Not sure if it is still called OCP in the new movie.

The released date of the movie will be in February 2014.
Not sure why when he put his Mask off, his voice will be auto switch to Robotic voice....

I did not notice any other figures beside Robocop himself. No Villains, No samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury...wait that is The Avenagers... Oh there isn't any other Robo beside Robocop himself. Guess kids just want to buy Robocop himself or maybe it will be next shipment. Let's wait and see. 

How much do you rate these toy? Does it meet your expectation?


Unknown said…
I have not seen any of these yet in the states, of course I have not been to the store lately.
I do like the look of the figures,not to sure about the movie though.
Unknown said…
I have not seen any of these in the states yet,of course I have not been to the store lately either.
I like the look of the figures,not too sure about the movie though.

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