Hasbro Year of Horse Optimus Prime, Starscream and My little Pony in Singapore

It's a new year and in view of the new year together with Chinese Lunar New Year, Hasbro is releasing a series of exclusive for 2014 Year of the Horse.

Starting with Supreme Starscream.

Supreme Starscream is second bigger box compare to Metroplex. Notice the Platinum Edition was in chrome print?

The box has a flap that allow you to open to see the content of the Supreme Starscream inside. Since it is Lunar new year, the box of course have to be Red as lucky color for the Chinese.

For the year of Horse, you can see the Decepticon logo on the box having one side as Decepticon while the other end was a Chinese wording of Horse. Clever design.

Here is a product picture of the Vehicle mode and Robot mode.

Next is  the Platinum Masterpiece Optimus Prime. The box is still in Red and you will notice much of the silver chrome parts are replaced by Golden paint to make Optimus more premium I suppose but that only draw more greed.

Amazing thing is it comes with a trailer and the trailer are made of translucent plastic. Cool it may seems from the beginning but I am concern over time will the clear plastic becomes dull or turned yellowish.

I still find it weird when Hasbro push Transformers in line with Lunar new year where there isn't much link.

Now however for My Little Pony, it really make sense as 2014 is the year of Horse according to our Zodiac calender. See how the packaging and design on Pinkie Pie?

Even the side box having some ancient drawing style.

I have to say this Lunar New Year My Little Pony really should make good sense. Maybe hasbro target for collectors young and old to use their Angbao money to buy these toys.

Happy 2014 friends. :)


Think the pony is more relevant to the coming year of horse. As for TF, it's very much like maximizing their mould for more variants.
Unknown said…
I really love the Pinky Pie,she is so cute. Of course being a TF fan the Transformers are awesome,but I do agree with the point of what is the connection to the Year of the Horse. I guess since they did it for the Dragon and Snake ,they wanted to keep with tradition.

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