Tomica Food?

On my last Japan trip, I saw something interesting when I visit one local food market. At the section where there was cold storage food, I saw boxes of Tomica.

I thought maybe someone trying to play a plank to put toys at the food section. Only after a closer look I understood it was not a plank.

It is an actual food by Tomica!! Behold!!

Do you know what it is?

You will see this in Raman or some other noodles soup. It is something like fish cake but instead of some conventional design, these are in the image of cars!

The target consumer of course are for kids to see toy car images in their Ramen or soup. You just need to slide them into thin pieces.

It has expiry date and each boxes were selling at 500 Yen but I didn't get it as I was on the road. Should taste good I think.

I still have some back log on my interesting trip to Japan. Need to blog on them soon. :)


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