McDonalds Happy Meal Paul Frank

I am pretty sure you have seen this Paul Frank before somewhere before and never would I imagine him appearing on McDonalds Happy meal promotion. Even more unbelievable was there was a toy version of Paul Frank. How could I missed out this opportunity right? So I did and here is the toy.

You have seen him before don't you? Paul Frank has been on T-shirt and other lifestyle product including power bank too.

Here is the Paul Frank on McDonald Happy meal series between 12 December 2013 to 8 January 2014.

This Bendable figure comes with McDonald Happy meal and here is the simple packaging.

This Happy meal toy justify the image of Paul Frank with his iconic big head and smile.

At the back there isn't anything much. Only the marking on back of this toy stated the trademark and information of this toy.

On the side, the figure look pretty flat... Although he is flat, he still can stand rather well. Not easily topple over. 

You may notice he is not shoeless. In fact, his leg was like wearing a boot.

Now the figure was said to be bendable but there is only certain limitation the toy is able to bend. If you bend too much, the figure will have bend marks too.

I only bend the arms for fun. As this is a Happy Meal toys, I am pretty certain he is not as fragile as you can imagine.

Overall this figure look decent as how it suppose to be for more of display than playing. This toy is taller than 3.75" and can stand rather well by itself. 

There isn't any action on this toy itself unlike many happy meal toys that is playing for fun. This is more for collectors to collect for display rather than playing.

All I can say is that this toy is worth it's price for the quality of the toy. It do give a good display for lifestyle toys.

This toy should be there at many mcDonald till 2nd of January 2014 while stock last. If you like it, go and get it. :)


Alphonse said…
MacD store at Raffles Place is sold out of this toy.
LEon said…
Hi Alphonse,
Try those neighborhood McDonald outlet. You should have better chances. Good luck!

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