McDonaldland Plushie Ronald McDonald

I went early morning for breakfast and I was told the Plushie will only be selling at 11am...but I bought the rest formerly at the same outlet for breakfast of the first day!! Anyway I went again just for my kid and finally got it. Here's Ronald McDonald.

The illustration on the side of the box look more grown up with the rest in the series. Remind me of the Joker from Dark Knight. LOL

Like usual the back of the box have the writing of Ronald mcDonald.

Time to Open the Toy.

Ronald McDonald look cute. There are not much clown plushie and then this is quite rare if you love clown. Somemore this is Ronald mcDonald. I notice the costume is different from the illustration of the box.

Why I said it is a sport entire is the round collar which look like a gym suit to me.

I cannot get this plushie to sit in balance even thought he is in the seating position.

The face is quite flat but the hair is quite good to feel.

Close up on the happy looking Ronald.

Overall this plushie is more suitable to be hang about bag or in the car.

As for me I am going to put him up with his friend on my Christmas Tree.  :)

More of Hamburglar, Birdie and Grimace, Officer Big Mac in the series


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