McDonaldLand Plushie Officer Big Mac

We are finally at the last week of McDonaldland Plushie in Singapore. The final one is Officer Big Mac who was a rare sight for close to two decades in Singapore I guess.

I did remember seeing him at some McDonald's toys or even drawing on the wall but at the turn of 90s he was no longer to be found. Even much later, most of the remaining mascots just disappeared. Rarely you see Ronald McDonald too. Now it just "I'm Loving it" as a tagline. Maybe clown no longer are popular or look creepy thanks to all the clown scary movie (exclude the Joker in Batman).

Anyway it is good to see Officer Big Mac back in duty.

The packaging on each side show the friendly officer waving of hands. If you are wondering, this is more like a UK Police uniform if I am not mistaken. Why would Amercian McDonalds illustrate the UK police officer?

He was created to counter Hamburglar and Grimace if I remember correctly. But in the box, it just said he chase after Hamburglar.

Time to get Officer Big Mac out to play.

Open the Toy!!!

Here's Officer Big Mac in his police uniform. No complain there for me for the uniform but I would expect the head shape to be more like hamburger but somehow is more like a triangle and that totally break the shape of Big Mac.

On close up this Big Mac remind me of Bert from Sesame Streets...

There are much details on his uniform such as the sheriff stars, buttons and the McDonald's belt.

The Police cap look good too. 

As a soft toy design in a sitting position, this toy just could not sit up right and on the side, he is the only one that does not look having a flat face.

Finally after 5 weeks on collecting, I have done with my collection. Here is the whole set of McDonaldland in my collection.

I think amount all of the 5, my favorite would be Officer Big Mac because he is one that I have not seen for a long time. I just do not know how long these McDonald mascots would be around in the coming years if the 80s generation growing old.

That being said, I just collect these for fun and nothing more.

PS: I do not have any extra for any of these figure as I did not get any extras because I want others who are true lover of these toys to have their chances to get these. 

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