McDonaldLand Plushie Grimace

Is another day for a McDonaldland Plushie and it is Grimace. A character that most of us has no idea who and what he is.

Just like the other character plushie in the series, there are illustration on both side of the box. However unlike Hamburglar or Birdie, Grimace did not do any dress up in any sporty look or exercise. It figures as he is after all quite a oversize fella.

Here is a short description of Grimace and all it said was he best friend to Ronald McDonald and Grimace is happiest when he is with Ronald...Hm...

The Plushie expression show more like a in love look happy kind of look to me. He even blushes on his cheek.

Time to Open the Toy!
Now Grimace is Free!! Unlike the illustration, I won't consider the plushie version of Grimace to be oversize. Grimace you have been working out?

On the side view you can tell he is quite flat. Just a little tummy.

Even the back look quite flat and straight lining.

Now looking at his expression and pose in this photo, Grimace want to have a Hug.

Time to unite with his friends...

When you put them together, you will see Grimace seems to be the smallest of all...

Yes Grimace should be bigger.
Now since I have 3 of them so far, what should I do to make them useful?

Since each of them comes with strings, I have decided to hang them on my Christmas tree for festive season.
Hamburglar for you do not steal anything...No Hamburger for you to rob anyway.

Birdie you do belong to the tree but don't crap okay?

Finally for Grimace, you hang there and do what you love best. Do nothing. LOL

Well that is my collection so far. I will continue to review other in the series and if you enjoy this, comment or like so I know you like it on my facebook. :)
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