McDonaldLand Plushie Birdie

Today is another release of McDonaldLand in Singapore McDonalds and it is one of the most love character, Birdie.

This toy cost SGD$2.90 with any purchases while we were told only SGD$0.10 goes to charity.... Anyway on the box of Bird there are illustration of her on both sides of the packaging.

At the back of the box is a short write up of the character Birdie. Sheis a athletic type.

This is the out of box Birdie, finally she is free!

On both side she wore a pink ribbon on the hair.

As a pilot or flying type, she has a goggle which on this toy look like a swimming gogggle.

At the back, Birdie seems like flapping her wings.

Even her suit look like a swimming suit to me with the golden arc of McDonalds. Branding is important.

Close up on her face, the detail is good and resemble her well.

Now look at the toy version and the box illustration, did you notice something is missing?

Take a closer look....

Congratulation if you have observed the scarf was missing. If you still think it was hidden, go up a bit to look at the whole toy from side to back. Yes they did not give her a scarf.

Birdie as a toy is still cute but the goggle and the scarf is always a must for Birdie. Do you agree?

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