License2Play 2013

Well once again License2Play is here and this time it is in new renovated Suntec City. After the renovation, I kinda lost my way there.

My visit there was short and it is not because I lack of time but somehow the event is rather niche and I was hoping to see some latest game of PS4 or what not but left disappointed. Well that is me and since I have friends to ask me how was the visit, I decided to blog about it.

PS: Do note the following is just my opinion and that may not apply to every other opinion. :)

I have to say the poster of License2Play look fantastic...that's all. Nothing else to say more. LOL

License2Play is always about Gaming and this year there are section for Dota2 and other online contest in certain schedule.

There is a section of driving like Gran Turismo 6 where you have to queue a little for you to try it out. All is free to play provided the person playing is considerate for you to take your turn. :)

For Games there are also Card game section. Bring your deck and challenge others.

There are other cute online game like Avatar Star which look promising.

Since I was there on day 1 weekday night, there isn't much cosplayers. So I guess weekend there will be more cosplayer for people to take photo. Anyway dress up and go for the contest to win some prizes for the fun of it.

There are program at the main stage area if you are interested. See the program below.

If you are finesse and full of energy, you can try this activity. Superfly Parkour challenge and there are a community to assist you.

There is also a group game which you need to pay called Freeing SG reality escape game.
I don't know what is happening in those closed doors and no idea how the game goes but Freeing SG name sound a good ring to me as most Singaporean want to break free somethings for sure.

There is a drifting remote control car section which you can pay some money to control and try drifting the RC cars. The good thing is there is a big area for the tracks.

For goodies that are some anime shirts, bags, accessories and not much toys. Yes not much toys so that disappoint me.

That is all I have to share on the event. You may compare to 2011 License2Play to see the difference.

That's all for me. Have a good weekend.


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