Hasbro Transformers Rhinox, Predaking and Optimus Prime

Decided to share some latest Transformers toys that has hit the shelves of the local retails.

First off Rhinox from the Beast War series and Hasbro seems to be bring back on the toy series. Rather refreshing as a toy as now with the technology advances, toys are make better in details.

I love this as it can be a Rhino.

Just look at the detail of the face. Good!

For Transfromers Beast Hunters, Hasbro released a updated design for both Voyager Optimus Prime and Predaking.

Let's talk about Optimus first shall we?

Closed up on Optimus head details. The interesting was Optimus now having a shield and it is a Autobots logo!

Next is Predaking! I truly welcome this voyager Predaking and I should be getting this anytime soon. Just look at the details!

You should notice first the height was much taller than the older ones  The transform steps are much more easier and the design in both bot and Beast mode look really better.

The wings of this Predaking was translucent plastic which look good and it's tail to be a sword!

Here is a comparison of the old Predaking and the newly upgrade one. Can you spot the details and the size and even for a voyager size, this new Predeking was much bigger.

Now look at the close up on the face of Predaking.

Obviously the new one is much better. I am so going to get the new Predaking!

What do you think?


Not bad, can do a review while choosing the toy.
Unknown said…
I really like the Rhinox ,hopefully soon I will be able to get one.

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