Enterbay Terminator T-1000 HD Coming

I am a fan of Terminator 2 because 2 of the awesome Terminator was in the movie. T-800 and T-1000. Enterbay has finally showcase the coming T-1000 in their HD series.

Just look at the likeness!

This was exactly what I remember him in the movie with sharp finger that turned into spear looking that poke through the head.

There are bullet hole add on to the shirt.

An extra head that show T-1000 get shot in the face...

And the famous No No pose in the final scene.

Here are the list of accessories of the figure.

I have to say I am impress on this figure by Enterbay. Of course this is the preview. Let's hope the actual product will be exactly what is show here which delay to next year I suppose.


Unknown said…
The T-1000 has always been my favorite Terminator. Very awesome looking figure.

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