Dream Tomica - Shimajiro & Beepy

Today I am going to review this cute Shimajiro and Beepy from Dream Tomica line.

Now I know many out of Japan like me has no idea who is this cute character. As silly as myself I thought this was some China cartoon character but when I search for answer, I found the truth.

This Shimajiro is from a children educational cartoon for young children. Yes for very very young children. You may take a look at this short movie below teaching children simple English and other life skill.

I can see why Tomica did a vehicle for this character who is popular to young children in Japan. Since Tomica are for car, they did Beepy the car that teaches Shimajiro simple English.

Out of box, the look of the character and car are so very accurate in the cartoon.

On the side, the curve of Beepy was really smooth. You cannot see the wheels which is quite rare as this is more like a bumper car. Look floating to me. LOL

Even it was quite heavy for it size and the wheels are really smooth.

At the back, you can see Shimajiro actually wear a safety belt. This is important kid! Wear your safety belt in a moving vehicle if there are one.

Top view just show the flawless smooth curve and paint of Beepy.

Here is the bottom of the car. All black with white wording. Finally you get to see the wheels.

Looking at Shimajiro make me happy.

I have to say this vehicle will grow on you as it does to me. I am taking extra care for this toy as due to the design of the vehicle body, I do not want any paint chip or dent as the smooth paint and body design was something I fancy.

So I hope now everyone has a better idea who is Shimajiro. ")

PS: This post was created as a friend of mine do not know who is this character. Now we all know. LOL


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