Dream Tomica Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has come of age of it popularity on almost every product and it is only fitting that Hello Kitty having her own Tomica Car. Say Hello Kitty!

This Hello Kitty car comes with the standard Tomica packaging having the 152 number in the Tomica series. A nice touch was they included the iconic setting Hello Kitty.

Since Hello Kitty was from Sanrio, for the mark of authenticity, Sanrio official sticker was included in the box packaging of Tomica.

Out of package, I decided to show the iconic head of Hello Kitty. I have to say on the front, the jaw of Hello Kitty was flat due to the fact this is a car and they need the Jaw to be straight. I have not much objection on that but I discover the ribbon on the Hello Kitty was in Pink rather than in Red.

However if you look at the car in this angle, Hello Kitty head look good.

At the rear of the Hello Kitty car was two heart shape as signal light and a red car number of 1101. I have no clue while the car plate 1101 mean.

The name of Hello Kitty was painted on both side of the door. This vehicle comes with suspension too. Cool!

On the top of the vehicle was a left with the pink ribbon. A cute touch but I wonder why it was a green leave...

There are details like the dashboard and the steering wheel.

Overall this vehicle should be a must get as this is the only Hello Kitty with Tomica in this series in diecast with a affordable pricing and no worry of storage or display case since this is small in scale. The scale add on the factor of cuteness.

In closing I did a digitally painted version of the ribbon of Hello Kitt in Red just to prove my point visually.

Is the Red ribbon look better?


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