Bootleg LEGO Admiral Ackbar

When you read the title, you may asked me why would I even purchase Admiral Ackbar from Starwars even it is a bootleg.

Am I a fan of Admiral Ackbar? No. but if I am, I would only say I like him in Return of the Jedi with him saying his infamous line "IT'S A TRAP!!".

So what make me buy a Admiral Ackbar?

Truth to be told if it was the original LEGO, I may not have any desire to purchase him as a Single figure. This bootleg has done a great job. Just look at it yourself on the box cover.

Yes Admiral Ackbar is welding double lightsaber! How cool is that?  Is my eye deceiving me or some Jedi mind trick? Well I am quite strong will like Wato when it come to spending a dime for a toy.

The force is strong when I look at the back illustration...OMG! Even clone trooper weld a Jedi lightsaber!! Lightsaber on discount?

Even the side packaging show the same Admiral Ackbar illustration.. This must be a Trap... but curiosity has the best of me... So I bought it.  

So time for the Truth. Open the toy!!

True to the packaging, it was really Admiral Ackbar. The figure quality is not too shabby. It can certainly pass as an original figure from LEGO with an untrained eye.

The detail of the coloring was top notch. I have no complain of this figure as all the joints are tight.

The figure comes with 4 cards with different illustration and one of it was Admiral Ackbar. I cannot make sense how these cards were play and I have not much interest in playing that as well.

Nonetheless they are colorful and if for kids, it sure is appealing.

For accessories or weapons, these are what he come with. Notice he only have one lightsaber and it is in Red color?

The packaging did show it comes with spear and 2 lightsabers and they are suppose to be Orange blade...Well it was kinda expected for bootleg.

Let's see how Admiral Ackbar would look like with the accessories started with the hand blaster.

With the blaster Rifle...

With the Sith Lightsaber...

Finally him with a spanner tool which totally make no sense as I doubt an Admiral would get his hands dirty to fix any equipment...

I certainly have a good laugh with this figure review and I was right that what was illustrated would be different with the actual product inside. However it was not too far off.

What do you think about this Admiral Ackbar with double light saber?


Bubbashelby said…
Wow that's a pretty cool bootleg! I wouldn't have been able to pass him up either!
Unknown said…
I try to avoid bootleg stuff,but I have to say he is really cool. If I saw him I would of got him too.

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