McDonaldLand Plushie Hamburglar

McDonald has once again started another series of plushie toy and this time it is McDonaldLand. Don't know when there was a mcDonaldLand... is it like LEGOLAND that is a theme park?

The first of the release is the Hamburglar. This plushie toy measure less than 10cm in height and come in a box.

I personally love the artwork of the box which show only the character that it comes with. So for Hamburglar, nothing but Hamburglar. Here is both side of the box artwork. One the sneeky Hamburglar and another of him cycling.

At the back of the box was a short write up on the character. Did you notice the color of Hamburglar in the illustration are having White and Purple theme rather than White and Black?

Bottom of the box, it stated the Safety tested and suitable for children age 3 and up.

Time to Open the Toy!

Here is Hamburglar out of box. You notice the toy color theme is different with the box illustration. This Hamburglar is having the traditional color theme of Hamburglar which is black and white.

They give the toy a kind smiley face of Hamburglar rather than a cheeky look like the box illustration. Somehow this face remind me of some Charlie brown character.

Both gloves, shoes and tie are in striking red.

On the side view, the plushie look quite flat.

At the back, you see only the brown hair, his hat and his black cape.

This Plushie comes with a string for you to hang on bags or other items.

Overall the toy look cute by itself. I wonder how Hamburglar toy will look like if it was in the box illustration color theme. To me it is quite refreshing.

You need not get any full meal in McDonald for you to pay SGD$2.90 for this toy which is a good move. It was stated that for each toy you paid, 10 cent of the toy will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore.

I have a mixed feeling reading that as the toy cost SGD$2.90 and only 10 cents goes to charity. Does this statement make the customer more willing to buy a toy for the sake of charity or for their own collection? The sales of the toy alone is a profit and I am certain you can give more to your own charity isn't it?

Even if the toy selling at SGD$2.90, the GST would be more than 10 cent! If it is for charity, then I am pretty sure it is not even taxable right?

Anyway I am not here to tell them how to run their business but don't make some statement that will make people leading people to think they are doing for charity for personally I feel if it is for Charity then make it fully profit to charity.

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