Visit to Let's Play Shop Singapore

There is a new toy shop in Singapore! Introducing "Let's Play" toy shop!

This toy shop is all about fun for all ages. How fun is it? Just look at the toy display! A 1 meter in height display of train tracks and car city!

The surrounding of the structure having some familiar toys like Zaku!

This shop pretty much carry Tomica toy cars which comes in all shape and sizes.

These Diecast toys car have different ranges for different age group and gender.

Some of them are from Disney exclusive which are colorful character cars

Also toys cars for the ladies.

What is cars without roads and car parks? There are plenty of car accessories to choose from.

Here are various model of Tomica car structures for fun playing and displaying. I wish when I was a child there was such toys for me...

If you want some moving vehicles, the shop offers Trains as well from TakaraTomy...

Famous Thomas and Friends for younger age group.

Did I mention there was great offers too? The fun of Train collecting is that you can buy many set and you can interlink them together in any manner you like.

Now if you do not like vehicles, there are animal and zoo collection too!

Meet the ANIA which derive from the word Animal. :)

If you are just a random toy car collector, you can try blind box thrill to see if you get some rare cars.

I found some interesting exclusive such as Godzilla version of Tomica car that I did not even know it existed.

See the car decals of Godzilla?

Some even allow you to customize your truck!!

 Let's Play Shop also carry Robot Damashii series which you can pre-order too!

For the first time I saw the whole range of Line mascot and they are certainly cute.

There are plenty more in the shop but I cannot put all in this post. Best to pay them a visit!

The address is 91 Bencoolen Street, #01-32, Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652.

Oh something you may want to know is the discount offer that is on when I visit it.

They have a facebook pagetoo!

Have fun!!


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