Tomica CN11 Hongqi CA 7600L

Today I am going to share with you this special toy car from Tomica and what make this car so special? Because it is made in China. Meet FAW HONG QI

This car was a product of China FAW Group Corporation. Yes China own brand.

This car have it's own iconic history and it is a Parade car for the President of China. Now is that special enough to collect? I am sure it is. You may read about the history of this CA 7600L here

As replicate the real parade car, it has the same license plate 惊V-02009

The real vehicle Hongqi CA7600L has a 5.985 litre 300kw V12, torque is 580nm@3500nm.

The real vehicle is a bullet proof car as it escort the President.

There is a Sun roof for the President to stand up in the Parade and for this toy car, there is also a uncovered Sun roof. Unfortunately there are not mini figure to have someone to stand inside with scale. 

A close up on the back logo writing of Red Flag in Chinese.

There is a glimpse of the interior design of the vehicle and it is a left hand drive.

This toy replicate comes with suspension unknowingly to me. I am impressed.

At the bottom of the toy was the inscription of the toy maker Tomica with the model of the car and manufacturer country.

If you are into car collection, this is one iconic car you should not missed especially on cars that made in China. :)


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