TakaraTomy ARTS Toy Story 3 Dancing Good Times

Releasing in this month of October, it's another Toy Story 3 the Dancing Good Time series from TakaraTomy ARTS series.

The series consist of Woody who will comes with a Rose which can be fitted on Jessie and Slinky Dog happily dancing away.

Spanish Buzz Lightyears dancing with Jessie. Each of them come separately and it comes down to you to get both of them if you are lucky to form a set of dancers. Do note the Rose which is with Woody can fit on Jessie's mouth.

Last but no least the best of the series for me is the 3 Aliens which will comes in an capsule. Guess all the fun things I can play with these Aliens.

Each capsule is going for 300 Yen if you see them in the capsule machine. Look out for them if your region has them. :)


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