S.H.Figuarts Son Gokun Coming

It is about time S.H.Figuarts releasing the normal looking Son Gokun.

This release is a Limited Edition and again this like many others in the series is web exclusive which mean it is higher price in Asia especially if you are out of Japan. So chances of me getting this figure is quite slim.

So what is the different between this Gokun and the former Super Saiyan version? The color theme of his costume is more accurate of it's origin as it is more orange than Yellow. However there is no signal on the costume. If they would throw in the signage like 龟 or 界王 would be good.

A close up of the facial expression anime accurate. 

It has four facial expressions of Goku smiling sheepishly and the normal smiling faces.

Lastly the expression when he hear about Chichi coming for him.

Well to me I would just want the head and the facial expression will do because the same part can be form with other Goku body from the series.

Do take note that this figure is schedule to release in March 2014.


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