Minion Dave with Rocket Launcher

I have recruited another Minion from Despicable Me 2 and it is Dave.

While many get the talking Minion, I got this Dave as it is smaller in size for my collection and it is articulated. Not to mention at a more affordable price that is below USD$20.

This Dave comes with a fun shooting Rocket Launcher which I enjoyed.

Time to Open the Toy!

Here is the cheerful Dave which comes with articulated arms and feet. 

At the back of the toy, you will notice the 6 screws holes but that does not matter to me much.

One and only feature on the toy itself was the eye movement from Right to Left every time you press the button on his overall. This action really bring life to the figure. Too bad it does not comes with sound effect.

The fun accessory was the Rocket Launcher which is quite long in length.

The action is activated at the pushing of the grey trigger on the rocket launcher which the rocket will shoot out fast.

As impressive as the concept of the accessories should be, it does not fit well on the toy. The hands does not reached to the handle and most of the time the gun trigger the imbalance of the figure. 

Time get Stuart to join in the company of this review as the two minions are pack of fun. Don't they look good together?

Here is a comparison of the two Minions as Stuart look a big bigger in size from the side due to the mechanic of the figure. 

Both of these two minions are a gossip branch. Are they gossipping again?

Till next time. Dave saying good bye to everyone. 

Just cannot get enough of Minion?


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