McDonalds Doraemon Happy Meal so Far...

So there is a Doraemon series at McDonalds Singapore for Happy Meal again.

Yes the promotion was from 10 October to 6 November while stock last.

Just last week my kid wanted the Wrist Takecopter but the outlet I visited only have Doraemon's Bag. It look pretty good and great for little girls for accessory bags. The front of the bag is Doraemon head while the back was the tummy of Doraemon with pocket and bell.

Visited McDonalds again and my kid wanted the Magician Doraemon but all it felt was the Light up Bell which for me look cool too. Too bad no sound as it was a bell and I expected it to have sound the least.

Anyway both what I gotten my kid is happy. What have I to complain about?

For hardcore Doraemon fans, try to get it earlier what you want as there are limited stocks at some outlet.


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