HG Sengoku Astray Gundam Coming

I have to say some of the interesting design of Gundam of late some goes to the Gundam Build Fighters anime. One of the popular Gundam suit just get more awesome like the the 1/144 scale HG Sengoku Astray Gundam!

This is a customized Gundam Astray Red Frame designed taking reference to Japan’s Sengoku historic era. Beside having two regular hands, it was upgrade to have four! Not to mention adding a fierce looking face to the shield.

Translated to the actual model kit never get any details lost in translation. Red frame as it is with additional power!

This Gunpla is ready for Christmas releasing in December 2013. Must be a wanted list for most Gunpla fan of Red Frame. Too bad it was not MG but we never know there maybe one in the pipeline as it is so popular.

Will you be getting this?


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