HG BearGuy III Coming

One of the most popular Gunpla even among the ladies would be Bearguy. Many uses this Gunpla for customization with all sort of characters and theme. Officially, Bandai will be releasing Bearguy III.

This Bearguy III have a sweet bow ribbon at his back. Look like a kimono dressing.

Here was the anime drawing of it and the toys was not too far off.

This is the only Gunpla that come with emotion facial expression which you can swap it over anything you like such as this angry face that opening of it's mouth would be like shooting some rounds.

This cutey will be releasing in December just around Christmas. A good gift to a girl to get her interested in Gunpla...or not?

I forsee more customised Gunpla on this in the near future. What do you think?


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