Green Dragon Wizard Playmobil

This is my first Wizard Playmobil in my collection and it was the Green Dragon Wizard. This Playmobil basically fulfill all the stereotyping of Wizard.

How exactly Stereotyping you may asked, well ask yourself who does this Playmobil resemble? First think you will likely to think of Gandalf the Grey who was a old Wizard in Lord of the Rings.

Basically a tall pointy hat, long flowing beard and wearing a traditional robe.

For a Wizard of those in Lord of the Rings, the magic of the Wizard has to do with their staff and somehow this Playmobil staff very much resemble staff of Saruman.

The magic could be coming from the sphere or the staff basically amplify the magic ability of the Wizard.

The Wizard also have a bunch of keys for him to safe keep something.

Without his hat, the figure remind me of those kings deign on those poker cards. Maybe it's me but I find the eyes of the Playmobil quite comical giving those side way look.

Nonetheless, the Wizard was dressed in nobility as it comes with rich texture dressing with capes.

The rotation of the wrist gave more life to this Wizard as he no longer need to hold straight the staff.

Since he was a Green Dragon wizard, one of the magic is to be able to control the Dragon. I don't have a Playmobil Dragon so I have to get Toothless to stand in for the role.

Now the Wizard continue to cast the spell to charm the Dragon. That's how he train the Dragon. :P

And off he ride the Dragon as a mount to anywhere he wanted.

Such was the magic of the Green Dragon Wizard. I could be wrong tho. LOL


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