Dragonball Z Hair Wax

Recently one Dragonball product caught my eyes and it is not Toys but Hair wax. Yes Hair wax to style your hair using Dragonball theme.

Starting would be normal Goku in 3 Stars Dragonball as the container. Much of Goku in normal state already have strong holding hair and since his birth his hair has been the same. Hold power of this hair wax already solid but allow wind to blow left and right retaining the style like in the comic.

Goku in Kaio-ken is in the 5 Stars Dragonball which is a power level up and it should hold your hair stronger.

Finally the super Saiyan style in 7th Dragonball container. You need this for Real strong and stay in shape always.

The place selling is at Bandai web Japan. Link is here .

If I happen to see this, I will surely get one. If you can choose which level you want to get?


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