DisneySea Halloween 2013 Transit Streamer Line

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I am going to do a review on DisneySea Halloween 2013 exclusive Transit Streamer Line

This special only can be found in DisneySea only and this is just for Halloween 2013.

This is a repaint in Halloween tone which is mainly orange and purple with golden lining.

The top of the Stream liner is orange and have some purple outline with face of Mickey mouse of it.

A close up on the Mickey and Halloween 2013 marking.

There are seating arrangement on this Halloween liner. 

A closer look of the steam driven paddle.

As a toy this toy can cruise well on it's roller but do not put this toy on the surface of water as it will sunk as it is diecast.

That being said, the rollers are smooth and with a little push, it can certainly cruise along for the Halloween. 

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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