Bootleg LEGO Raphael TMNT

Since LEGO release the TMNT toys, it excite me. However for some particular reason, these LEGO TMNT series was not release in Singapore retail. Maybe it has to do with licensing issue. Anyway I was surprise to find some non-LEGO TMNT toys and it was just the figure itself.

As the cover shows, it is just call Turtles and the original LEGO logo was replaced by the name ZHIAO.

As there are Chinese wording replacement on the cover, I assuming this was from China. In the chinese name, it is still translated as Ninja Turtles.

As a figures by itself, it comes with accessories and playing cards.

It is interesting that the packaging has disclaimer and safety notices. Guess there should have some difference parts that is difference from packaging.

Out of package, these are some of the parts...

Now for the cards, the maker went to extra steps to put special coating on the cards. Can you see the 3D halogram effect on the card surfaces under some angle of light?

After the assembly, Raphael is done.

I love the back view of the shell. I have to say for a bootleg, the quality match my expectation.

The figure comes with skateboard.

That all of my review currently.


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