2DS for your Pokemon need

There seems to be lot of buzz of the new Pokemon X and Y from Nintendo. Since the game is a popular franchise for more than a decade with quite a number of fans and followers. Nintendo did their marketing right as this new Pokemon game would encourage others who have not get a Nintendo 3DS to get one just to play this game.

For the budget market, they introduce a cheaper console which is to me a big pulling factor. It is none other than the new 2DS especially since many would just want to get this console just for Pokemon.

2DS has many good features that is basic for a new customer who never owned a Nintendo console.
  • - 2DS has the same 4GB memory like 3DS XL
  • - 2DS has the same camera, accessories and charging time 
  • - 2DS has the same screen size as 3DS
  • - 2DS weight lighter than 3DS XL but a bit heavier than 3DS.
  • - Battery life is just a bit better than 3DS
  • - The grip and the button design is more comfortable (especially for kids)
  • - Compatible with most existing and future titles including the new Pokemon
  • - 2DS is 25% cheaper than 3DS

 Nonetheless some may argue the following when comparing with 3DS XL
  •  - It is not fold-able but that can be also an advantage as the fold-able part tense to cause damage when dropped on the floor.
  • - Screens are smaller than 3DS XL and it do not have the 3DS effect (which most find the feature tiring when played for long hours)

Above are something you may want to consider if you want to get a Nintendo console just to play the latest pokemon game.

Personally I find it is the way budget choice if you just want to get the console to play this game. But a food for thought I as a consumer would also want to think about it is worth to get a console just for this game title? Unless there are more better choices of titles in time to come, it will be a better and wiser choice.

What do you think consumer?


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