Warehouse Sales Preparation Guide

Going toys warehouse sales could be stressful especially in Singapore. Therefore here are my few cents of what you need to know especially this is your first time considering going for warehouse sales for toys.

Be Early and have lot of free time to spare
If you are seriously looking for good deal, not only you need to read up but you must be there early. It is always a rule of thumb to be at least an hour early of the opening time. Even that is a moderate and reserved thinking. Due to long wait to get into the venue and toy selection, do not arrange other appointment 2 to 4 hours after the event.

Bring Cash
I never emphasis the important to bring Cash and not Cards. Although not all warehouse sales demand cash payment but it is the best practice simply because of the following:

1. Easy and fast payment
Paying cash are always faster than doing card payment which depend on location the dial up to the      payment server could be slow and thus making longer waiting time for everyone.

2. Control your Budget
By withdrawing money, you have set a budget you want to allow yourself to spend. During sales you will be tempted to get those that you do not need because it is cheap and later regret that you really do not like it. So have an amount in mind and if you want a bit more, draw a bit more and control your spending

Do not bring a child
Although  it is a toy warehouse sales, do not bring your young child (especially in baby prams) to the event as you will be too busy getting stuff and your child may put himself in some harmful situation due to accident and the crowd. Should you want to attend these Sales event, leave your child some place safe as you will doing yourself and other a favour so everyone can have more time shopping time and movement.

"Conflict of Interest"
Now this is taking the phase literally as due to your interest in some toys, you may engage in certain extend of physical conflict during the warehouse sales with others who share the same interest. Like it or not, some due to greed may not play nice nor fair to get what they want. There is not much sense in reasoning with such people and if they crossed the line, you must be prepared how you should react.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage any form of violence but just to keep you prepare that some may use certain physical contact to get those toys they wanted. 

Not all stuff are working or complete
Especially for warehouse sales, it was never guarantee the goods that you got are good working stuff. Remember most of these goods which are selling so cheap could be rejected and over stock goods. That is why they sell at such low prices. 

Not to mention damages of good can be caused due to shopper handling the goods like open some part to see what is inside or knocking off stuff. It is best to inspect the goods and take more consideration if the toy comes with electronic parts that the toy may not be fully functional.

On the side notes, there are other ugly people who on purpose damage toys during warehouse sales as they inspect the toys and not wanting others to have a complete or wholesome toys. 

Don't expect customer service
Do not expect much help from the organiser to help you to look for something or settle some dispute. They are there to clear stocks. In there point of view, it does not matter who buy the goods as long someone have the cash to pay first.

Of course there maybe some exception if you are already friends with the staff and in some cases they may already reserved some toys for you or others. If that is the case, good for you. But if not, do not complaint why they reserved stuff for their friends even they are working there. You are just wasting your time.

Get a Shopping buddy
It is always good to have a partner to go with you in such warehouse sales so to support you in spotting something. Remember 4 eyes are better than 2 eyes and so is 4 hands better than 2 hands. Sometime you may need someone to look after some of your selection so you can have more freedom to go through some other offer stuff. I need not say more.

If you do not have one, Get one!

Warehouse Sales may not be for you as it bring out the Ugliness in people
I think the above statement already summarised what is the last advise from me. I do hope however you have a happy experience as much as you can forgetting some group of collectors or business entities who are they stocking up so they can post online or in their shops the same day selling much more then it was in the warehouse.

I would like to congratulate you for reading the whole sharing and wish you the best as you go to any warehouse sales. Good luck! :)


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