Toothless Night Fury Dragons Defenders of Berk

As I have reported that a new series from How to Train your Dragon is now selling in Singapore. I got one of them in the series because it was not sold in Singapore during the first movie. So I got the Night Fury aka Toothless.

The main Dragon in this series "Dragons Defenders of Berk" of course would be Toothless and so the picture would be him.

I would not say this title is the second movie but one of the series. The official second movie will be releasing soon tho.

There are two Night Fury in this toy series. One is the original condition before he was caught by Hiccup while the other was the version he is working with Hiccup. I got this original version as he really look more fearsome. I love Dragons which are fearsome. This is the version he will shot a projectile like the blue lightning blot from his mouth.

The box also show the symbol of Night Fury. Look really cool!

Out of the box, this Toothless look like a lizard waiting to jump as his wings are kept.

On the right tummy side of the toy Night Fury is a button which you can press and that will open up the wings....instantly.

Now it spread it's wings. Very bat like.

Close up on the face of Toothless and this version he has the fierce look. Not toothless as you can see the pointing teeth although he look like smiling.

The mouth of Toothless can be open by pressing the ears.

You can then insert the projectile in his mouth and lock in place. To release, you need to press the ears again and it will shoot the projectile.

As you can see, this version the tail of Toothless is whole. That is before he was hurt by Hiccup projectile in "How to Train your Dragon".

The tail is rather flexible and rubbery which you can play with it.

Here is the view from below.

You can find the manufacture trademarks on the lower wings.

There are quite a lot of details as you can see the scales

Even the feet look cute. LOL

This is a magnificent Night Fury Dragon as you can possible you can get.

If you are a fan of this series, go for the Original Night Fury Toothless.

Are you a fan of Toothless too?


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