Toothless Night Fury 2 Dragons Defenders of Berk

There are 2 versions of Toothless in the series and I got both of them. Here is another version of Toothless after he team up with Hiccup.

To be truthful I cannot make up my mind to get which toothless so I got both. LOL

Now this version is after Toothless met Hiccup and I was rather disappointed that this figure is not complete with Hiccup riding Toothless. If you have watched the movie, you would notice Toothless cannot really fly without Hiccup assistance.

Anyway this version of Toothless comes with flapping wings action and catapult a sheep. 

Out of the packaging, you can see the full height of Toothless in scale with the sheep. 

Close up on Toothless. This is a more friendlier version.

The head of Toothless allow slight turning from side to side. It kinda make him having a curious look like he does not understand when his head is tilted.

Toothless is geared up with saddle and all is missing is Hiccup....

Now at his catapult action is the tail which half of it was Hiccup's invention. It has imprint of viking mark in white on the red wing.

It's time to do a review on the poor sheep that suppose to be the "Ammo" for the catapult action. It does not comes with any color but pure white and it has a dumb look.

At the bottom of his belly was a trademark of the maker and it is very much hollow inside.

If you do not bare to use the poor sheep as a Ammo, you can select other material of the same size for playing.

A comparison of both  Night fury and you can see the difference in looks but the scale is the same.

I would go to the extend to choose which is my favorite among this two Toothless. As each have it own feature that I love.

Look like Toothless has something to say to each other...

And he go munching...

What do you expect? He is a Dragon after all and he has to feed.

So that is all my review for Night Fury. A worthwhile toy if you like the movie.

Do you like Toothless?


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