Minion Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher

I was sharing about not able to get any affordable Despicable me Minions that I finally went on Amazon to get some. Even including shipping charges, these Minions are way cheaper than those that are selling in Singapore retail. You may read more about that on my former post Despicable pricing.

Struggling to get some minions due to monthly budget, I decided to get the 5" DM2-Deluxe Action Figure Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher.

Say Hi Stuart!

This is a 5" figure with articulation and some accessories like fart dart gun.

At the back of the minion Stuart, you can see some screw holes.

On the side you can see the goggle is pretty big.

Both of the hands have 2 joints articulation each for elbow and arms. No wrist nor fingers articulation sadly.

The action button was the pocket looking at the center of his Jumper with Gru's logo.

When you press on the button, the eyes and the mouth will be shut. Pretty cool!

Now the accessory, the Fart Dart gun. You may pull and push the black handle and the back of the gun which give little air pump sound. Supposing to be fart like but my gun didn't do that. Maybe it was broken?

There are total of 2 Fart Dart which you can fit into the gun. Press the side button and it will release the spring and off shoot the dart.

The gun can fit on Minion Stuart by clipping on his arms. With the gun on, you may have to adjust to certain position for balance of the figure.

Here's how Stuart look in the front with the gun on.

Due to the fact that he has tiny feet, loading the Dart on the gun will not in anyway allow Stuart to balance by his own. However with the dart, you still can manage to allow it to balance.

Here is the only 2 Stuart that I have. One was from McDonald's Happy meal. You can see the size different.

Personally I like Stuart more than Dave. I find one eye cuter in some way. If I can get more I would but by now I will just stick to one. :)

This same toy was selling at Singapore retail at SGD$45 and even with shipping, I got it SGD$10 plus cheaper!  What gives?

More on other minions soon. :)


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