McDonalds Tom Googly Eyes Grabber Minion

Today we have a guest from Philippines who will be sharing with us about Minion love from the McDonald over his part of the world.

Over to Paul.

Despicable Me’s Minions sure are popular these days. From toys to t-shirts to smartphone apps, Gru’s diminutive, funny henchmen are hard to miss. With the release of Despicable Me 2, McDonald’s have included Minions toys in their Happy Meal.

McDonald’s started selling the Minions at an earlier date here in the Philippines compared to that in Singapore. However, I did not see long lines forming at McDonald’s branches due to customers wanting to get their hands on the toys.

Nevertheless, most of the branches I’ve been to have either ran out of stock or had incomplete stocks of the toys. Maybe McDonald’s had to distribute the toys all over the country so customers would be able to avail of the Minions. You’d really have to be patient and willing to look around numerous McDonald’s branches to complete the set.

Honestly, I wasn’t interested in getting a Minion toy but the positive response from customers plus the news that it’s selling out fast in Singapore made me decide to volunteer to do a mini-review. Luckily, my officemate had a couple of them. Kudos to her!

With that out of the way, we go straight to the review:

The Tom Googly Eyes Grabber (description came from McDonald’s) has two arms extended out. It could be opened with an action button located behind the Minion’s body.

The build is decent; however don’t expect the toy to survive being thrown against a wall. Paint is decent as well, though detailing is inefficient.

The toy best serves as a cord organizer (given that the cords are not too thick); glue it down to your desk and run the cord through the arms. As a pen holder you’d have to use light pens since the added weight would most likely make the Minion fall down.

If you were able to get most of the Minions, try using them at your office desk. It would do wonders! Use different Minions for different results.

Unfortunately, the novelty of the toy wears off after a week or two of use. This one is for casual toy collectors. For serious hobbyists, you’re better off saving for the Minion action figures sold at stores like ToysRUs.

Thank you for Paul to share his Minion experience from Philippines. Seem like Minion get fans around the world.


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