Lego Godzilla Guy

About a year ago, I received this as a gift from a friend. I cannot believe it took me so long to do a review of this toy.

Anyway meet Godzilla guy!

Some call it Lizard suit man but I find Godzilla suit sound better.

You don't get much Lego minifigure in reptile suit maybe Chima have some but before that it is pretty rare.

Mask off, you can see his smiling face which was quite hidden. He has wrinkles around the eyes which tell me he is pretty old or tired. Maybe he is an honest working earning his keep.

The only possibility I can logically think why he wear this suit would be he is working in a amusement park playing a character or doing a Mascot for a promotion or something.

I remember meeting such mascot and I always empathize with their labor as to wear such heavy and stuffy suit for certain hours to keep people happy. Sometime if they met with some nasty or naugthy children (sometime even Adult), they will be kick from his blind spot and with such heavy suit with limited version, they could not respond in time who is playing the plank on them. It is a hard job and their pay are not that great either.

Nonetheless, some of them go above and beyond to act professionally and friendly to whoever want to take photo with them.

This Godzilla guy is one of them. Staying in character and act professionally. Even if he actually met with the real Godzilla.

Ya. See how calm he is facing the Godzilla?

That professionalism buddy.

Okay maybe I spoke too soon. LOL

Once again, thanks Dennis for this toy. I still dunno why he gave this to me but thanks anyway. :D


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